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Cristina Troufa Analysis Essay

Artist Feature: Cristina Troufa

EditorShenyah Webb, Art, February 8th, 2017

"How I feel in the present, in the society that I live in."


Rather than mirror the world around her, Cristina Troufa mirrors her inward journey of self-realization through her paintings, where her “self” plays the muse. Through her psychological and emotional self-portraits, she gains a deeper understanding of her purpose. While her self-subjects hold the spotlight in her work; weather they are found playing with matches, embracing each other, or quarreling; the negative space within her work also plays an important role. This absence of space removes time and context from her compositions, offering the reins to her subjects on their complex journey. Troufa states, “In my work, the women’s world view is the unseen world, so the clothes or shoes they wear are not relevant. The scenarios created are about my spiritual side, my beliefs, about my past and how I feel in the present in the society that I live in. Reflecting my doubts, my certainties, and the need to be a better person and to grow in several levels of my soul and life.”


Troufa’s focus on personal development, spiritual and emotional, metaphorically narrates her states of mind within moments of healing, surfacing self-knowledge and self-questioning. “When I once had to do a review of my work, I discovered that the topic death existed insistently in my work. Not in a negative way, but rather a search to understand the possibility of life beyond death and reincarnation, a subject that has always intrigued me and that I believe. My work turned into something spiritual, a route between several lives and several times in the same life, coexisting side by side from strategies of self-representation that ultimately question the meaning of life.”

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Cristina Troufa is a Portuguese artist born and based in Porto, Portugal. Cristina holds a Licentiate Degree in Painting (1998) and a Master’s Degree in Painting (2012), both from The University of Fine Arts of Porto. Since 1995 she has participated in both collective and solo exhibitions, in art galleries and cultural spaces throughout the world. In 2014 and 2016 she was an invited artist at the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Salerno, Italy. In 2015 she was a jury member of the project “PortugArt” in London, in the selection of Portuguese artists for a collective exhibition in the same city and in which she was a guest artist.


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The Mistake 




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So Close 


No Heart 

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I Love You 

Write Again 


Shenyah Webb

Shenyah Webb is the Arts Editor and a Contributing Editor for NAILED. She is originally from Detroit; she studied Psychology at Michigan State University, and later finished in Industrial Design with an Art Therapy minor at The College of Creative Studies. She lives and works in Portland with her husband and son. She is a visual artist, and musician under the name Lithopedion. Her self-titled EP was released in 2013.

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Cristina Troufa - Portugal



Cristina holds a masters degree in Painting since 2012 and a degree in Painting since 1998 bout in FBAUP (University of Fine Arts of Porto)
She has exhibited trough Portugal, in solo and group exhibitions since 1995 and international exhibitions, Italy, Spain, France, and Australia.

Cristina Troufa is a Portuguese based artist, working predominately in figurative painting. In recent works, she uses her own image in autobiographical paintings that explore her livings and spiritual beliefs. As a form of self-knowledge and self-questioning, her work explores, in a symbolic and surrealistic way, an inner world, which remains inaccessible to the voyeur, who can only guess what each painting represents.

She was referenced interviewed and cited in various media and in various books. In 2012 by Lesley Frenz "Undone Beauty" "Arbus-The Arts & Business Magazine of Northeast Florida Oct/November 2012", EUA. By Tim Hannaford "Four corners of the globe", Paradise Magazine, September 22-23, 2012, Gold Coast Bulletin", Australia. In 2009 by Liliana Garcia, "As faces da pintura" (Na Oficina de) magazine "Tabu" included in newspaper O SOL, no 150, 24 Julho 2009, Portugal. In 2004 by Rodrigues Vaz, "Cristina Troufa, Pintura Essencial" magazine Eles e Elas no 226, Agosto/Setembro 2004, Portugal. In 2012 the book "Arte Europa", Fernando Infante do Carmo, Fonte da Palavra. In 2007 Catalogue "Arte Lisboa, Feira de Arte Contemporânea". In 2006 the book "Livro de Ouro da Arte Contemporânea em Portugal", Fernando Infante do Carmo. In 2004 the book "A Arte no Desporto" Galeria Linhares, Lisboa. In 2011 did the cover illustration for the book "Strawberry Fields Forever" writer Richard Zimler to be published in England. In 2008, did Illustrations for the book 'Words of Fernando Pessoa ", Atlantic Center.

2012 - FBAUP – Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
2011 - FADEUP – Faculdade de Desporto da Universidade do Porto
2007 - MAEDS – Museu De Arqueologia e Etnografia do Distrito de Setúbal