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Academic Classification Essay Topics

Classification essay topics

July 26, 2013 - Posted to Assignment Topics

Essay writing at the college or high school level is quite common with students and it is part of their duty to write to become better at it. Some of the essays might be straight to the point and does not need much thinking to make the first step of writing. Classification essays on the other hand need keen choosing of the topics and the ideas to be included in the essay.​

A classification essay is written by organizing various categories on the base of one classification principle.

Classification essays are commonly used to categorize things in a reasonable way with an aim to categorize all the things for further discussion. Therefore classification essays help students to understand points and subjects to analyze in the process of writing the essay.

When writing an essay you could first pick a good category of items that you have better knowledge and understanding. Having better knowledge of the items you are writing on makes work easier and you will be able to jot everything down without forgetting any item as to make your essay complete. It’s important to give organized categories and clear examples when you are writing as your audience does not have full knowledge of what you are writing about.


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Examples of classification essay topics you could write about

  • Classify the best comedians in Africa
  • Classify the common styles of eating in fast food zones
  • Classify the type of customers you serve at your bakery
  • Evaluate the best politicians all over the world
  • Classify the best clubs in your neighborhood
  • Classify different types of lawyers and their profession
  • Classify the best regions to go for your vacation
  • Evaluate the top 5 best methods of studying for a final examination
  • Classify your friends and hat principles you use when choosing your friends
  • Evaluate simple ways addicts could use to halt their behavior
  • Classify major reasons that draw love for money
  • Evaluate the best diet for a cancer patient
  • Classify the noble peace prize winners according to their country and age
  • Top five methods of loosing weight
  • Classify different variations of emotions in men
  • Evaluate important ways on how a teen can apologize to her parents
  • Classify the discount rates at your shop
  • Classify the best beauty products that could be used by the celebrities
  • Evaluate your teacher at the college and according to how they teach
  • Classify the senior most bosses at your organization
  • Classify the different international organizations
  • Classify the top ranking shops on denim
  • Evaluate the Hollywood actors and actresses
  • Classify the cartoons featured on nickelodeon
  • Evaluate the movies shot by Jackie Chan
  • Evaluate 5 different department stores at your area and rate them.
  • Classify various types of snakes based on if they are nutrient or not.
  • Classify the best African movies
  • Classify the best dancing styles used by top celebrities
  • Evaluate the best online shops
  • Classify common make ups used by suburban ladies

From the above guidelines on the topic find one you will most likely feel comfortable when writing on make sure you use the correct category when classifying your points. This essay different from others the writer is not concerned with your writing but the classification in your.

The key to your success is the scheme or principle you choose to use.  Make your work manageable by giving exact classifications with their categories for your reader to understand.

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classification essaytopics

Classification Essay Topics: A List Of Expert Suggestions

The classification essay is in category all it’s own. While it bears some similarity to the compare and contrast, the main focus here is to take a single greater topic and classify all of the subdivisions that can occur within it. There is some room for interpretation here as well. One person may see several subdivisions to classify while another may see few or none at all. This gives the writer room to show his or her ability to analyze.

If you are looking for essay topics of this type keep the following in mind:

  • Not all divisions can be easily defined and explored
  • Some topics appear good but the divisions within them are arbitrarily placed and hard to defend the deeper you look. You may find when you look at certain games or movies with very passionate fans that they break into camps which define the same things in different ways thus creating more categories than there need to be. Such topics are best avoided if you are unclear of who is right.

  • Some topics may need to be narrowed
  • If your umbrella heading is too broad you may end up having to choose between writing an extremely long paper or appearing to be less thorough than is necessary. By narrowing your topic you show the reader upfront exactly what you mean to cover and once you remain within those parameters there shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Some topics are highly controversial
  • In making certain classifications it is easy to offend others, particularly members of marginalized groups such as women, members of the LGBTQI community, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities. If your paper deals with any of these, tread carefully and do adequate research.

With that in mind, here is a list of topics that you can consider:

  1. Types of Child Entertainers
  2. Unhealthy coping mechanism for dealing with academic stress
  3. Styles of learning for mature college students
  4. Types of careers for college dropouts
  5. Methods of driving
  6. Ways to become a successful lawyer
  7. Types of quartz crystal found in the Tropics
  8. The various sciences
  9. Types of video games
  10. Versions of the Bible
  11. Types of legal intoxicants
  12. Ways to budget successfully in a recession
  13. Ancient civilizations
  14. Methods of reducing waste
  15. Styles of popular music

There is a great deal of room for different personalities to express themselves in this type of writing. You can even practice with these topics until you’re ready to write your own.