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Cyborgism Essay Typer

Two separate shops house the latest in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent POP Design & Manufacturing technology.

Durst RHO 1000
Prints with an 8-color UV-based ink set (CMYKcm Orange and Violet) at a resolution of 600DPI. This press supports a wide selection of substrates including – but not limited to – paper, plastic, and sheet goods.

Durst RHO 900
Prints with a 7-color UV-based ink set (CMYKcm and White) at a resolution of 600DPI. This press supports a wide selection of substrates including, but not limited to, paper, plastic, sheet goods and roll-to-roll materials.

Esko/Kongsberg Die Cutting/Routing Tables
With a Kongsberg XP Auto cutter and two Kongsberg DCM Cutters, materials are quickly die cut or routed eliminating the need for expensive rotary or flatbed cutting dies.

Drytac VersaCoater XL80
This liquid coater applies and cures various UV finishes on a wide variety of sheet and roll materials. The unit accepts material up to 80” in width.

GBC Film Laminator
This film laminator utilizes traditional heat transfer technology to apply/bind UV film lamination to corrugated stock. The unit accepts sheets up to 60” in width.

Weeke BHP 200 CNC Router
The CNC Router supports routing, boring and grooving of wood, metal and plastic components.

Brandt Edge Bander
The edge bander is used to apply a finished look to straight edged wooden permanent display components.

About GGA

Galileo Global Advisors LLC includes a team of seasoned professionals with multilingual and multicultural backgrounds and many decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finances and international strategy.

We are dedicated to helping globally ambitious clients succeed, and we make that happen through our extensive knowledge of global capital markets and business savvy, as well as through a unique network of relationships with decision makers around the world.

At Galileo, we make sure our clients receive up-to-date, unbiased information to help them meet their business objectives. We pride ourselves on loyalty to our clients, avoiding projects that introduce clear conflicts of interest to our clients’ goals. And we accept only a limited number of assignments so we can dedicate senior professionals to every project. Because our experienced executives specialize in cross-border opportunities, Galileo team members operate in a climate of mutual trust that enables us to find solutions and close deals for the benefit of our clients.