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Do My Marketing Assignment

Unit Introduction: What is Marketing?

College Textbook Reading, Annotating, and Writing Assignment

(NOTE: This document is uploaded as a Word file as well.)

READ Chapter 1.1 in “Unit One: Marketing Definitions and Principles” from BUS 2013: Principles of Marketing, pp. 2-28.

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If you have to reprint the chapter handout distributed in class, remember to print out ONLY pp. 2-28 from the textbook! (Links to an external site.)


REMINDER: Reading this chapter, annotating the chapter, and writing your responses to the discussion questions should take approximately 2-3 hours.

STEP ONE: Reading and annotating Chapter 1.1 “Marketing Definitions and Principles.”

  1. Before reading the chapter, Surveythe text by previewing and skimming the chapter, noting the external text features, visuals, and content of headings. Also, read the "Takeaway" and "Review Questions" before you begin reading and annotating the chapter. The approximate Lexile level of the chapter is 1070. Think about how this chapter compares in difficulty to other college textbook chapters we have read.
  2. Read and annotatethis chapter. Note the four components of marketingand historical background detailing how marketing has evolved over the last century. As you read further, note that all organizations and companies engage in some form of marketing. In this chapter, you will learn how marketers have learned to focus on the role of the customer and the value that customers place on products and services (or offerings). This chapter also outlines the basics of a marketing plan.
  3. REMINDER: Plan your study time! Reading this chapter, annotating the chapter, and responding in writing to the discussion questions should take approximately 2-3 hours.

STEP TWO: Respond in Writing to the Concepts in the Reading

  1. After you’ve read and annotated the chapter, respond to the "key questions"provided at the end of each section of this chapter. That is, write responses to Review Questions Sections, 1-4 in complete sentences into a Word doc - or Google doc, or Pages, saved as a .doc or pdf for upload.) Put a heading on the left margin of your paper that labels this set of responses as “Review Questions, sections 1-4.” You will have a total of twelve responses, one point each, for this part of the assignment.
  2. After you complete the review questions, type the label “Chapter 1 Questions, 1-3” below and respond to the Chap. 1 questions 1- 13 (pp. 26-27), again in complete sentences. This will be a total of 13 responses, one point each for this part of the assignment.
  3. Finally, select ONE of the four “Activities" scenarios. Then, write a paragraph responseto that ONE activity scenario. Remember these are "thinking" questions and may even require a little research on your part. This is a five point prompt, so make sure you have written an "A" level paragraph in response to it. This means you will need a topic sentence, supporting, illustrations, details, and explanationsrelated to the prompt.
  4. PROOFREAD your responses to make sure they are complete and logical responses to the questions. Tip: Ask another person to read your responses out loud to you. Do they trips over your sentences and phrasing in specific responses? If so, revise those responses for correctness and clarity.
  5. UPLOAD your document to CANVAS. If you are using a word processing program that is not Word, you need to do a "save as" Word doc or pdf of the document first, so it will upload properly here. To access the upload location in Canvas, open this assignment and look for the submit button on the right of the screen.
  6. REMINDER: Reading this chapter, annotating the chapter, and writing your responses to the discussion questions should take approximately 2-3 hours.



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