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Operations Management Example Essay Topics

Operations management is a business management branch in charge of controlling and designing the production process, as well as redesigning business operations when producing services or goods. In this domain, ethics matter a lot because they satisfy basic human needs while boosting credibility. Generally defined as environmental, social and communal responsibilities of business pros, ethics in the business environmental, particularly in operations management, requires managers to think outside the box when making decisions. Companies of all sizes and shapes have incorporated and developed a lot of codes of conduct and systems to help them cope with ethical issues and be able to make more reasonable decisions.

When it comes to making decisions, operations management is crucial because we’re talking about an activity with flowing resources within a properly defined system. These resources are combined and transformed in a way that they can add value. Operations managers make use of their knowledge, materials available (resources) and capabilities to maneuver materials properly in order to attain an output of a desired product quantity and quality. This is where ethics come in. Sadly, not all managers are responsible individuals, and some don’t have a problem with consuming drugs or alcohol at work. This often leads to poor judgment, thus affecting the whole production, including the employees handling that production.

Operations managers deal with all kinds of ethic matters when making decisions. Their decision making are based on several very important factors such as magnitude of consequence, social agreement, effect probability, time interval, concentration of effect, and proximity. For example, founder of RTI (Rumarson Technology Inc), Paul Baum, makes computer recycling a company mission. RTI acquires, refurbishes and distributes computer equipment from inventory buyout programs or trade ins. Basically, the company buys used computers and reinstates them; then it sells them as “nused” PCs with a 25-40% warrantee.

RTI donates computers that are not bought by anybody and recycles them, thus helping the environment. They’re well-aware that computers have more toxins than oil spills, which basically says that they’re acting ethical and that they care for their customers. But what happens when a company acts unethical? In operations management, it can be devastating. For example, Sanyo Electric Corporation shipped over 200,000 defective laptop batteries. Designed together with the giant Lenovo (but solely tested by Lenovo), customers complained that the batteries overheat; some even sparked and one laptop in particular caught fire.

Following this incident, the company had to recall the batteries, costing Sanyo a fortune. But then again, money is not everything in business. Sanyo also lost its reputation and the company’s stocks dropped significantly. If the manufacturers had admitted to the error from the very beginning, none of this would have happened. Due to the unethical behavior of the operations management department, the entire company had to suffer.

Many companies today adhere to environmentally-friendly strategies in order to minimize negative outcomes and help the environment. This approach is the perfect proof of good ethics in operations management. For a business to be included in the sustainable branch – and feel that it’s making a difference – it must be transparent from all points of view. Believe it or not, a sustainable set of business practices has a great impact on the relationship of an organization with its employees, investors and customers.


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Selecting a topic of dissertation is probably the most important aspect of academic dissertation module. Both undergraduate as well as graduate students spend many months and sometimes years on their dissertations and research studies.  Therefore, it is absolutely critical to choose the right topic for dissertation, so that one can develop an interest in the topic of study. Selecting the right topic can also help in completing the paper with highest quality standards and within the allocated deadlines.

This article is aimed to provide comprehensive support in the selection of operations management dissertation topics. All of the topics presented in this short piece are carefully short-listed on the basis of the following highly important factors;

  1. A topic must have a recent research interest / popularity in academics
  2. Data must be available to analyze / review recent research; to develop a case of research in the form of a step forward (contribution factor)
  3. Topic must be manageable with respect to availability of time and resources
  4. It must provide motivation of research study to the students

Writer’s suggestion:  Before selecting a dissertation topic, outline the type of research you intend to undertake; such as whether to perform Primary or Secondary Research, Data Analyses, Case Studies or aReview of literature/data in detail. All these aspects can have a provide great help on the selection of dissertation topic, as one has to understand the viability and manageability of research being undertaken. For example, you don’t want undertake as cross-national survey based on primary research, as it can turn out to be a difficult / unmanageable task (to travel to different parts of the world to collect data etc.). Therefore, select a topic which you can manage within the given resources; to produce high quality results which would eventually lead to a high academic score. The following topics are much emphasized in today’s academic world, and you can rely on these topics with utmost trust

Important Notes

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  • Some of these topics can also include primary research where different systems are compared and data analyzed. This may include conducting interviews and/or questionnaire with practitioners of the industry; to suggest the most efficient systems OR to present pros and cons of each system based on the data obtained through primary research
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Operations Management Dissertation Topics for 2018

Analyzing the impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in improvising business operations of Multinational Companies

Purpose: The main purpose of this research will be to highlight major benefits of ERP which can facilitate multinational organisations to help in conducting business operations in a productive and effective manner. The researcher will identify major factors of ERP that can be related to the effective execution of business operations while increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of the business.

Impact of Just-in-time (JIT) inventory on improving supply chain efficiency of large retail outlets

Purpose: The researcher will identify the major advantages as well as disadvantages of using Just-in-time (JIT) inventory on supply chain operations of the major retail outlets. In this study, the researcher will highlights major factors of Just-in-time (JIT) inventory that may have direct or indirect influence on the effectiveness of supply chain of large retail outlets while proposing recommendations to retail companies in order to increase the effectiveness and productivity of the company.

Analyzing the pros and cons of outsourcing logistic operation activities in the construction industry of UK

Purpose: The main purpose of this qualitative-natured study will be to identify major advantage sand disadvantages of outsourcing logistic operation activities while focusing on its implementation on construction industries of UK.

Assessing and comparing the operations management strategies of B2B and B2C business models

Purpose:  The researcher aims to discover prompt operations management strategies that are being utilised major B2B and B2C companies while taking examples of major key players in each of the business models. After identification, the researcher will compare those strategies and recommends best strategies and practices that can be utilised by each of the business model discussed in the study.

Analyzing the operational risks involved in the manufacturing of automobiles and how can plant managers minimize these risks

Purpose: The major aim of this study will be to identify and analyse the major risks that can be experienced by companies during the manufacturing of automobiles and vehicles while proposing effective strategies which can be used by plant managers to reduce these risks. In this study, the researcher will use a conceptual model of operational management which helps in increasing overall effectiveness of automobile industries.

Supply Chain Management Dissertation Topics

Supply chain is considered as one of the most important aspect of business in any organization, as optimum management in supply chain leads to successful business operations. Therefore, it is pivotal for organizations to constantly enhance processes and techniques of supply chain which involves control, measurements, trouble shooting, adaptability and innovation of new solutions.  The following research topics are suggested for dissertation writing in the field of supply chain management;

  • Supply Chain Management and the Associated Legal Frameworks; Investigating the practices of the UK’s industrial sector
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Supply Chain in Large and Diversified Business Organizations
  • The Role of Supply Chain in Manufacturing Industry of UK; A comprehensive study to evaluate the impact of supply chain management
  • Influence of State of the Art Technology/Computer Aided Systems on Supply Chain Management
  • Impact of Information Technology on Supply Chain Management
  • Case Study of Dell/IMB/Other Supply Chain Control Management Systems being employed worldwide by large scale organizations
  • Supply Chain Management and E-commerce
  • The role of ICT in Supply Chain Management

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Lean Manufacturing Dissertation Topics

The lean concepts are still young and in stage of steady development. New concepts are coming into practice as essence of the old ones changes. Research ideas which have been much emphasized in recent research studies include Total Quality Control (TQC), Total Quality Management (TQM), Just in Time (JIT) and Total productivity maintenance (TPM). Some interesting topics under this subject are listed below;

  • The influence of the Lean Manufacturing Techniques in Operations Management
  • Analyses of Lean Manufacturing Techniques; Review of the most influential techniques currently being employed in the UK’s manufacturing Industry; an inside perspective (This may include primary research in which the actual users of different techniques will be requested to provide their views on the impact of different techniques and to recommend which of the techniques can be best used to enhance industry productivity and performance)
  • Total Quality Management as a Competitive Advantage; A case study of UK’s industry (Dell/HP/Other)
  • The Relationship between Quality Management and Client Satisfaction; A case of UK’s construction/manufacturing Industry (This can also include primary research from the perspective of clients / buyers who can be questioned regarding their experience of the construction quality they obtained. The data could then be used to provide key recommendations for quality management)
  • Practical Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Techniques; A review of how business organizations have successfully adopted various techniques
  • Influence of new technology on Lean manufacturing Techniques; such as the use of Business Information Modeling (BIM), SAP and other tools for enhancement of quality and productivity
  • Evolution of Quality from the Perspective of Development of Lean manufacturing Techniques; A study on how industries have been shaped by lean concepts in the past and visualizing the future SOPs

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Inventory Management Dissertation Topics

Inventory Management is another important element of Supply Chain Management. Considerable amount of research has been completed in this field of study in the recent times, which highlights the need to establish effective processing techniques and systems so that business organizations can effectively measure/manage operations of their respective industries. Optimum Inventory Management enables control of costs, time, productivity and delivery; the elements which are considered to be the pillars of any industry. The following topics are presented fordissertation writingon Inventory Management:

  • The Influence of Optimum Inventory Management on Supply Chain Management; A study on how effective inventory management systems can help to establish high performing supply management systems in an industry
  • Analyses of Inventory Management Systems being Employed in UK Industries
  • The Impact of Latest Technological Developments on Inventory Management Systems; A case study of UK’s manufacturing Industry
  • Inventory Management Systems in Manufacturing Industry; Methods, benefits, challenges and opportunities
  • Case Study on Inventory Management in Retail; A Case study of ASDA/TESCO/SAINSBURURY. (Primary research based: Data from different stores can be collected, and compared, as suggested previously in this article)
  • The impact of Just in Time (JIT) in UK’s Inventory Management System
  • Adaptability of JIT Inventory Management in UK
  • E-commerce Inventory Management Systems

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Product Development Dissertation Topics

New Product Development (NPD) and the role of Research and Development (R&D) in the process of product development has remained a focus of research and a trigger for intense academic debate in the last many years. The most notable elements of product development include; new concept/idea developments, new product designs, new product engineering and market analyses / research. Many organizations continually surge to develop new products and add these to their product- pipelines to earn additional profits. From the consumer perspective, NPD enhances the brand image and provides a research and development edge to business organisations.

  • Evaluating the process of Product Development; The need and implications
  • Strategies of Product Development and the Product Mix
  • Strategies of Product Development in various Industries (A Case Study of Dell/HP/BMW/ Pharmaceutical/Cement/any other company). This can also include primary research where different systems can be compared and data analyzed.
  • The Role of Latest Technological Advancements and Computer Aided Systems in Product Development; A case study of UK’s Research and Development Industry

Production Planning / Scheduling Dissertation Topics

Production panning is considered as one of the most crucial aspect in manufacturing Industry, as it enables to maintain optimum levels of productivity in accordance with the production plans. Production scheduling has a direct influence on the production business, as it impacts the most fundamental elements of productions / services such as; production lead times, quality maintenance, and maintenance of supply &demand and on the overall client satisfaction. Therefore, research in the field of production planning has been much prioritized in the modern world and efforts have been made to develop integrated systems that incorporate various variables and elements of production plan. Following are some of the selected topics that can be chosen for further research and dissertations;

  • Production Scheduling Analysis; A review of techniques employed in UK’s Manufacturing Industry
  • Analyses of Production Scheduling/Planning Techniques in Different Manufacturing Industries (Car Industry/Process industry/Steel Industry/Cement Industry)
  • Production Scheduling/Planning Techniques and Profitability of Different Manufacturing Industries (Car Industry/Process industry/Steel Industry/Cement Industry)
  • The Role of Latest Technological Advancements and Computer Aided Systems in Production Scheduling
  • The Role of Information Technology and Innovation in Production Scheduling

Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Strategy Dissertation Topics

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a systematic operation that facilitates manufacturing of a product from raw materials. The manufacturing strategy includes the methods of producing goods, and is designed in accordance with the business objectives. Some latest supply chain management and manufacturing strategy dissertation topics are given below;

  • Manufacturing Strategy; Investigating the importance of optimized manufacturing strategy for successful business operations
  • Review of Manufacturing Strategies of UK’s Automobile Industry/Process Industry/Manufacturing Industry/Other Industries
  • The Impact of New Technologies on Development of Optimized Manufacturing Strategies and Techniques
  • Supply Chain Management; Investigating the importance of optimized supply chain management techniques for a successful business operations
  • Examining Supply Chain Management Strategies of UK’s Automobile Industry/Process Industry/Manufacturing Industry/Other industries
  • Use of Latest Technologies for Efficient Supply Chain Management Over the Last Decade (This may include primary research where data would be obtained from the practitioners of manufacturing/other industry via e-mail, interviews and/or questionnaire)

Risk Management Dissertation Topics

Industrial Risk Management is one of the most researched topic of the recent times. Almost every engineering or financial activity involves risks in terms of its consequences and probabilities. The course of future cannot be fully predicted of course, however various actions can be undertaken to manage/mitigate these risks. Analysis of various factors that can contribute to the risks; such as political influence, oil prices, and exchange rates, equipment performance characteristics, availability of resources, local conditions/environment and etc., can lead to the development of optimized risk management systems for improved project performance.

  • Investigating the Risk Management Systems of Construction Industry/Automobile Industry/Pharma Industry/Banking Industry/Retail Industry
  • Risk Management in Construction Industry; How construction industry can mitigate different types of risks
  • Analyses of Factors that Contribute to Risk in Industrial Operations; Developing guidelines/best practices to manage industrial risks
  • Risk Management and the Use of Advanced Technological tools: Is technology really helping to mitigate risks? (This may include Use of primary data to find out if the use of computer aided tools have helped the industry to mitigate risks)
  • Risk Management Methodologies; A review of different methods of risk management employed in the UK
  • Risk Management for contractors in Saudi Arabian Construction Industry
  • Examining Risks Associated with Green Technology/Projects in Chinese Construction Industry
  • Managing environmental risks in Chinese Construction Industry

Service Design Dissertation Topics

Efficient management of infrastructures, communications systems, components, materials, and the human resources holds the key to improved quality of services. Therefore, it is extremely important to optimize the service planning because it can ensure profitability as well as productivity for the service provider. Following are some service design dissertation topics that may concern the students;

  • The impact of Future Technology on Service Design
  • Service Design Analyses of Dell/HP/Other
  • Service Design Analyses of UK’s food chain Industry
  • E-commerce Web Services Design and Implications
  • Service Organization’s Fundamental Design Requirements & Marketing Strategies
  • Innovative Solutions in Service Design

Logistics Dissertation Topics

Logistics is a critical operations management system which helps to manage the flow of goods or services from start till the end. Logistics involves operations such as supply chain management, procurement, transportation, inventory, material handling, packaging and integration of information between different teams. Some interesting topics for Logistics dissertations are listed below:

  • Logistics Operations; An evaluation of the Logistics Management Systems in UK’s Construction/Manufacturing/Any Other Industry
  • Impact of Intermodal International Logistics on Operation of UK’s Construction/Manufacturing/Other Industry
  • Review of Logistic Management Principles and Practices Employed by UK ‘s Industrial Sector
  • Optimization of Logistics Management Systems; A review of best practices and procedures
  • Case Study Analyses; a review of the Logistics Management in TESCO/ASDA/Sainsbury/Other; Is there a competitive advantage?
  • Impact of Latest Technology on Logistics Management

Other Useful / Popular Topics

  • Procurement Strategy Dissertation Topics: Analyses of different methods of procurement systems
  • The Role of Government in the Development of Sustainable Operations Management
  • The Key to Succeed: Analyses of Vision 2030 and Vision 2050 with respect to Operations Management Practices of future
  • Comparison of Operations Management Techniques used in Both Developed and Developing Countries; Lesson learnt from the past
  • The role of Operations Management in Successful Completion of Projects
  • How BIM has influenced the Modern Operations Management Systems in Construction Industry