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Sue, okay.  I have read all of your posts and better understand your situation.

Apparently, the cost for Remote Learner was too high, and your administration is trying to save money.  (I sense that Remote Learner is not shutting you down, but rather your administration does not want to renew its contract.) In your case, they have said $1000/year max.  And your administration does not see that it is the role of your IT staff to install and manage moodle.  I am sure the other LMS alternative are not viable because they also cost much more that $1000.  And your teachers have discovered that moodle works well, and they don't want to give it up.

Your school is probably willing to spend more than $1000 per year for cleaning supplies for the building, but unwilling to invest more than $1000 per year on education.  Oh well.

The ease of moving your current moodle to any other system will depend upon how many special plugins your system has.  Of course, less means easier.  Do you know how many extra plugins you are using?

I see two alternatives.  1) It would be best if you could move the complete database and moodledata folders to another system.  To do this, you must have the ability to get these.  I am not sure if Remote Learner will provide.  Also, I assume your Remote Learner system is Linux.  2) Without a complete backup, you will have to move course by course.  Actually, the difficulty of this will depend upon how many courses you have.  With both of these methods, the question banks will move.

If you are running a regular moodle and can get the backups, then it is somewhat of a relatively easy backup/restore to any system, including GoDaddy, if you know what you are doing.  But...

MAMP is a local install that is really not meant for full Internet production use.  But it does provide a nice experimental and learning environment.  MAMP runs on a Mac, other AMP (such as XAMPP) run on a PC.  Using one of these experimental systems is one good way to learn about servers and moodle.  It will help you dig into whether you can restore from a complete backup, or restore course by course.  I use both MAMP and XAMPP, but mostly MAMP because I have a Mac.  I do all of my experimenting in MAMP before I apply changes to my production Moodle.

The greatest challenge moving ahead is the time that it takes to learn.  Are you really talking about just you, or are you talking about a group of teachers wanting to use Moodle?  You said that you "are way over the limit."  Do you mean just you, or a group of teachers.

Obviously, your administrators don't know what they are doing because they invested in MoodleCloud without knowing anything about sizing issues.  Are you the Point of Contact for Remote Learner, or do you have to go through your IT folks for questions that you might have?

Don't delete anything in your current system just yet.  And make sure that someone is doing regular backups.  Your might try asking "Can I get a backup of the moodle database and moodledata folder?" and see what happens.

Well, here is my small offer.  If you would want to somehow get me one of these small course backups, I would be willing to try loading it into one of my experimental servers.  You cannot email me a .35GB file, but maybe you can put it into Google Drive and share it with me.  I could give you a "worked" or "didn't work" answer, but that is about it because I am busy teaching right now.

(Consider looking at some of my videos on this webpage of mine.)

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