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Unsw Management Assignment Cover Sheet

Submitting an assignment

Because you will take a number of courses, with different requirements in your assessments, there is no “one” way to submit assignments.

You may be asked to submit assignments as a hard copy, or online via the University E-Leaning platform Moodle. You should make yourself aware through course outlines how assignments are handled for individual courses.

Hard Copy assignments

For courses run by the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering only, the assignment box during our building renovation is located on Level 4 of the Electrical Engineering building, near the glass doors as you exit the lift.

Most hard copy assignments require an assignment coversheet (either an Individual or Group Assignment coversheet) to be completed and attached to the front of the assignment.

Moodle Assignments

When you enrol in your courses, you will automatically be enrolled in the Moodle site for that course. If this course requires electronic submission of assignments, you will receive instructions about how to submit your assignments via Moodle.

Assessment of Industrial Training consists of ONE deliverable: 
(1) Industrial Training report  to be submitted via Moodle

The Industrial Training Report


The Industrial Training report should cover all periods of approved employment. The report document is expected to demonstrate development of practical and professional skills in Engineering through technical experience and application of theoretical knowledge. Development of skills in dealing with people, and communication skills are part of the subject objectives. The student should be able to present the report to prospective employers, as a complement to their degree. The following should be observed: 

i. Submission

Upload Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering report using the assignment submission link in the Moodle module; or if you do not have Moodle access, email a pdf attachment file Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering with the subject line ‘Submission – IT report’ and a file name containing your name. Use only ONE method of submission. Please allow 10 working days for your report to be marked.

Deadline for Potential Graduates

Report submission deadlines are applicable for potential graduates only. The reports are due in week 1 of  Semester 1 if you are expecting to An Essay On My Ambition To Become A Businessman and be included in the June graduation ceremony, or week 1 of semester 2 for November graduation of that year.  Use the assignment submission tool provided on Moodle to upload your report by 5 pm, Friday of week 1.  Reports submitted after the deadline are automatically considered in the next session, the students will not be included in the graduation ceremony for that semester. 

ii. Length

The main Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering of the report should Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering between 2,000 and 3,000 words, not including preliminary information, tables, figures, photos, and appendices. 

iii. Preliminary Information

A contents list, abstract and employment details should precede the main technical "Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering." The Rights And Responsibilities Of Citizens In A Democracy Essay Government should be a summary of the report and comprise about 300 words on one page. The employment details should set out names of employing organisations, method of obtaining employment, specific periods of employment, and nature of appointments (eg. trainee engineer, ganger, chainman, labourer etc.). Also required are details of job locations, name, phone number and designation of immediate superior (for possible contact by the course coordinator) projects in which the student was directly involved, and their degree of responsibility. 

iv. Technical Report

The major portion of the Report should be set out as a technical report, divided into suitable sections, and with an introduction to each major or different aspect of work. Students need not report on all projects listed in the employment details. You may select one or two projects which have significant or interesting aspects. Noteworthy technical details of projects in which the student was directly involved, or of projects which the student observed, should also be included. These Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering include investigation, feasibility, design, construction, management, commissioning and operational aspects. Students should openly discuss aspects Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering the work they have performed or observed and indicate their involvement in their work throughout the text. To be able to produce an accurate and comprehensive report it is recommended that students keep a diary, along with photographs and any other information regarding their work. This diary will not be assessed, it will however be helpful in writing the final report.

All project and information must be cleared by the employers for confidentiality prior to its incorporation in the report. It is generally advisable that you avoid all sensitive information related to your employment by limiting the contents to the general or public aspects of each specific project.

v. Indicators of Attainment

Prepare a table to document the relevance of industrial training experience in terms of attaining professional competencies for an engineering career. Here we refer to the competency standards for professional engineers recommended by Engineers Australia. Use "Indicators of Attainment" in Tables 1 (knowledge), 2 (application) and 3 (personal attributes) in the EA document and match them up to the range of experience received during industrial training, in a way that is credible and genuine.  The student must explicitly write out indicators of attainment when they prepare this table and include the indicator numbers specified by EA, for example "2.4 a) Contributes to and/or manages Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering engineering project activity, as a member and/or as leader of an engineering team" – supported with one or more relevant examples of activities performed during the specific training placement. It is not necessary to hit all the indicators of attainment - indeed this would hardly be credible.

Remember, this is a report about your activities, it's a personal statement, so writing in the first person is acceptable.

The technical discussion should demonstrate detailed understanding of at least one part of the work which the student considers to be interesting, unusual or important to a civil and or an environmental engineer.

Don't just rework technical information as in a text book. Indicate how and why you used it and what was the benefit to you.

References should be made in the text to books, Pollution Essay 250 Words To Describe papers, standards etc., used during the training period and should be listed.

Finally, a conclusion should include comprehensive comments on the type and value of experience gained, and how this relates to your professional career.

vi. Presentation

Reports should be written in plain English free of technical jargon and colloquialisms and typed. Aspects such as layout, clear expression, spelling, punctuation, quality of figures and photos will all be assessed. Reports must be presented on A4 size with an appropriate cover. Normally the text will include relevant tables, photos and figures.

Detailed and essential material, referred to in the text, should be placed in appendices. Oversize diagrams, plans etc. if used, they should be folded in the proper manner.

An evaluation completed by the employer or supervisor is required, confirming the accuracy of the report, and providing feedback on the demonstration of EA Stage 1 competencies.

vii. Briefing

Detailed briefing on technical report writing will be arranged in semester 1.
General information on Industrial Training for all years will be provided during semesters 1 & 2, Please watch the notice boards for further information.

Marking and Grading

Grading depends on performance the Report.

The report is Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. For the purpose of providing feedback, the Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering is graded unsatisfactory, satisfactory or excellent. Unsatisfactory result in the industrial training report leads a delay in proceeding to graduation. There is no provision for supplementary assessments. An unsatisfactory reportcan be re-attempted only in a later Semester. Reports graded excellent may be recommended for awards.

Assessment criteria for reports include communication, presentation, technical content, achievements, reflection of experience and conclusions. You may receive written comments on your Unsw Assignment Cover Sheet Civil Engineering as part of the assessment of this component.